Hmmm, Could it Be… Seitan?

I honestly don’t know what the stuff is. I think it has something to do with wheat. Today I took a dietary detour and had an entirely vegan dinner consisting of: a BBQ Seitan sandwich with vegan cheese, vegan chili w/vegan cheese, and a vegan milkshake. Almost immediately, my system voiced a, well, “formal protest” to say the least. I wasn’t expecting that; I thought if anything my GI tract would be thanking me for eating healthier. I had to take it all to go. Once I had the chance to recover and think about it, I know why it happened; for the past couple months, I’ve been eating a practically Mongolian diet. A plenitude of meat, animal fat, and animal fat-absorbing vegetables. It’s what my housemates cook, every day. It’s what I’m generously allowed to eat for free. I can see now what the problem is; I may actually have become physically dependent on meat.

It’s supposed to be a luxury, meat; it’s how we evolved. We’re supposed to be able to go without it, for very long periods if need be. Now the US food cartels make meat cheaply and readily available, and just too damn tasty on top of that. It could also be that I’d become dependent on the wonderful cocktail of drugs and steroids found in mass-produced meat, that my system’s come to expect those in every meal and was left wanting. In any case, I’m not about to completely Kick the Herd. I just need to get back to a meat/non-meat dietary yin-yang, a balance, instead of an overbearing and dogmatic meat monotheism. Once I can safely let Seitan back into my life, I can reheat those leftovers and finish what I started.


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